“I've moved more than 35 times. I have been hired to lead, and sometimes reorganize, more than 7 teams. Climbed the corporate ladder. I have been behind the scenes and client-facing. I've lived as a true 3 line (human design) and have lots of wisdom to share .”

- Aimee Goudas
Agnieszka K
Agnieszka Kcoaching client

"Working with Aimee gave me clarity and better orientation between what I believe I am supposed to do and my passion that can be main focus of my business. Aimee helped me create eclectic vision of my business, where different fields can coexist."

Brittany W
Brittany Wcoaching client

"For a while, I had a bunch of ideas spinning in my head about what I should do next since I’ve always had a lot of interests and I could see endless possibilities. Working with Aimee helped me get more clear on what my strengths were and where my next adventure was."